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Jalen Rose's DUI: 20 Days in Jail for Ex-NBA Star

For ESPN analyst and former NBA star Jalen Rose, a DUI has netted him 20-day jail sentence.

Rose pled guilty to the DUI in May after he was stopped when he veered off a road in West Bloomfield Township in Michigan, reports NPR.

He said he had drunk around six martinis. At the time, his blood-alcohol level was at 0.12%, above Michigan's legal limit. Nobody was injured during the incident, NPR reports.

Woman Sues Sister in Duke Basketball Ticket Lawsuit

A family squabble turned into a public affair on Friday when Katina Dorton filed a first-ever Duke basketball ticket lawsuit against her sister, brother-in-law, and the university.

At issue is a set of Duke men's basketball season tickets that once belonged to her father, John Dorton.

She claims her sister and brother-in-law, Sophia and Gordon Caudle, with the approval of Duke officials, fraudulently transferred the tickets to themselves without her father's consent.

Giovanni Ramirez Exonerated in Bryan Stow Beating

Is Giovanni Ramirez innocent?

According to an announcement made by the Los Angeles Police Department, Ramirez has been exonerated of all accusations that he had a hand in the March 31 beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium.

A reassignment to the Robbery-Homicide Division appears to have provided the department with a much-needed reevaluation of the evidence, which has also led to the arrest of two new suspects.

Rashard Mendenhall Sues Champion: Dropped Him Over bin Laden Tweets

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall has sued his ex-sponsor, Hanesbrand, the parent company of Champion. Mendenhall's Champion lawsuit comes after some questionable tweets about Osama bin Laden.

While many Americans celebrated after Osama bin Laden was killed, Mendenhall took a different approach.

He took to his Twitter account to express sympathy over the death of the al Qaeda leader, reports CBS News. 

Saggy Pants Arrest: No Charges for UNM Football Player

The San Mateo County District Attorney's Office has announced that it will not be charging Deshon Marman, despite being hauled in last month after a so-called saggy pants arrest.

Accused of trespassing, battery of a police officer, and obstructing officers, the University of Mexico football player was arrested at San Francisco International Airport after he repeatedly refused a US Airways' flight attendant's request to pull up his pants, which were being worn in the ubiquitous underwear-baring style.

Cedric Benson Arrested in Austin for Assault of Ex-Roommate

Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson was arrested early Sunday in Austin, Texas. The charges? Apparently, Cedric Benson assaulted a former roommate.

Benson, also a former University of Texas football star, was held for seven hours in county jail last Sunday. He was released after posting a $10,000 bail, reports the American-Statesman.

Benson was arrested after a former male roommate alleged he was punched by by the ex-Longhorn running back, the American-Statesman reports.

Shane Mosley Divorce: Wife Gets 3 Championship Belts

"Sugar" Shane Mosley's divorce has just gotten a whole lot messier: Sugar Shane's championship belts? Three of them are going to his ex-wife, Jin Mosley.

The championship belt deal is part of the divorce settlement, reports TMZ. Mosley's last world title came in his knockout in 2009 against Antonio Margarito, a fight that gained him the welterweight belt. Who knows if he will end up keeping that one.

Each of Mosley's kids will get one of their dad's championship belts when they turn 18, TMZ reports. Undoubtedly, they'll be kind of a sweet memento.

The settlement, however, does not end there.

Roger Clemens Trial: Mistrial Declared by Judge

A Roger Clemens mistrial? Already?

Just two days into the federal government's perjury case against the former pitcher, Judge Reggie Walton abruptly stopped proceedings, calling attorneys to the bench and then declaring a mistrial.

Prosecutors reportedly presented evidence to the jury about one of Clemens' former teammates that Judge Walton had previously deemed inadmissible.

Christian Lopez, Fan Who Caught Jeter's 3000th Hit, to Owe IRS?

According to prior guidance by the IRS, there would be no Jeter ball tax if the Yankees had simply decided not to reward Christian Lopez, the fan who graciously returned the player's 3000th-hit ball last week.

But now that the life-long Yankees fan has been gifted with box seats and signed Jeter memorabilia, he may have to deal with the IRS come next tax season.

And he could owe them thousands.

Steelers' Hines Ward Arrested for DUI: Can NFL Suspend?

Pittsburgh Steelers' Hines Ward's DUI has come at a bad time for both Ward and the NFL. And, it begs the question: what's next for Hines Ward? A NFL suspension?

Can the NFL even suspend Ward, considering that they're in the midst of a lockout?

Ward was arrested in Georgia last week, charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, reports CNN.

MLB All-Star Game Will Have Chain Gang With Undocumented Immigrants

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has incited yet another controversy, announcing that he plans to celebrate this year's Major League Baseball All-Star Game with his very own all-star chain gang.

And to prevent the appearance of "discriminating against the people here illegally in this country," he's not only employing American inmates, he's extending an olive branch to undocumented immigrants, so that they feel welcome here, too.

Ron Artest Name Change: Wants Judge to Approve Metta World Peace

Lakers fans seem to be on board, and he's already launched a media blitz, appearing on ESPN's Pardon the Interruption, but the Ron Artest name change isn't yet official, as he still has to get it past the judge.

Opting for the name Metta World Peace, one can't help but wonder whether Ron Artest, who has been known for his (to put it kindly) personality fluctuations, has lost his mind.

Is the judge going to step in and save him from himself?

Roy Williams Sues Miss Texas Brooke Daniels for $77K Engagement Ring

So the Dallas Cowboys' Roy Williams sues his ex-girlfriend, former Miss Texas Brooke Daniels. The reason? An engagement proposal that didn't go exactly the way he had planned.

Williams sent Daniels an engagement ring worth around $76,600 through the mail. The package included a recorded marriage proposal.

Apparently, an engagement proposal through mail was not exactly what Daniels had in mind for a romantic proposal, because instead of fireworks and a "happily ever after," the engagement was never accepted, reports USA Today.

Roger Clemens Perjury Trial: Key Evidence May Be Excluded

Some key decisions are expected in Roger Clemens' perjury trial this week, with jury selection to start Wednesday and Judge Reggie Walton considering barring the testimony of three of the prosecution's key witnesses.

Charged with perjury and obstruction of justice for allegedly lying to Congress during an investigation into the use of steroids in professional baseball, if Clemens' defense team can successfully keep this evidence from the jury, the trial may go the way of Barry Bonds:

Not very far.