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Vince Young Sued: Eagles QB Punched Strip Club Manager

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and former UT Longhorn Vince Young is being sued by Creiton Kinchen, the manager of the Onyx strip club in Dallas. Young allegedly punched Kinchen in the face last year.

The original story was that Kinchen flashed Young an upside-down "Hook 'em Horns" sign. Young didn't take too kindly to this, and decided to assault him.

Now, Kinchen is alleging a different set of facts. He says that Young assaulted him after the strip club manager refused to give him $8,000 in $1 dollar bills.

Man Slaps Chicago Bears' Devin Hester at Casino, Gets Arrested

In a very bizarre story, an Illinois man was arrested Friday night after he slapped Devin Hester on the back of the head.

The incident occurred at the Rivers Casino in Des Plaines while the Chicago Bears wide receiver was waiting in line. Daniel G. Rago, 52, claims he attacked Hester in defense of two elderly patrons.

Hester had allegedly cut in line.

Wait, Marathon Runners Can Only Travel by Foot? No Buses Allowed?

Britain's Kielder Marathon may have been Rob Sloan's last race.

The 31-year-old runner took third place on Sunday, much to the dismay of his fellow runners. They didn't remember seeing him, and they certainly couldn't figure out how he beat his best time by 21 minutes.

Turns out Sloan spent the last 6 miles of the marathon on a bus. Now there's talk of banning him from marathons forever.

Dan Wheldon Dead: Was Indy Car Track Too Crowded, Badly Designed?

IndyCar champ Dan Wheldon was killed over the weekend during a fiery crash at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

The night prior, a number of racers, including Wheldon, raised concerns about the track's safety. The 1.5-mile oval is traditionally used for NASCAR races, which run at significantly lower speeds than an IndyCar that hits speeds of 220 mph.

With 34 drivers on the track, the IndyCars were just inches apart. As one commentator describes it, drivers who made a mistake had "nowhere to go."

Bill Russell Sues NCAA, Electronic Arts Over Using His Image

Ex-Celtics star Bill Russell has sued the NCAA and video game maker Electronic Arts. Russell alleges that the EA/NCAA's sports video games are using his likeness without his consent.

Russell alleges that the NCAA violated antitrust laws. The association uses former players' likeness and images to make profits from licensing deals in video games. The NCAA also sells clips and videos of games.

The ex-University of San Francisco star joins other NCAA alums in suing the organization. Ed O'Bannon, who used to play for UCLA, has filed a similar suit on behalf of other former players earlier this year.

Why all the fuss?

Giants Ace Tim Lincecum Trashed His SF Apartment?

San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum's landlord, er, ex-landlord, is suing him for $350,000, according to a lawsuit filed last week.

Mindy Freile claims that Lincecum trashed her Mission District apartment before he moved out this past May. She allegedly found the place in ruins, and accuses him of stealing and destroying household items.

That's right--the two-time Cy Young Award winner with a $23 million contract apparently stole linens, kitchenware, furniture, and decorations. He also allegedly broke, stained, defaced, tore and destroyed the apartment itself.

Giants Fan Bryan Stow's Children Can't Join his Lawsuit, Judge Rules

This week brought some mixed news for the family of Giant's fan Bryan Stow.

Kids Tabitha and Tyler may not sue the Dodgers at this time, according to Superior Court Judge Abraham Khan. However, Stow may seek punitive damages against the club, which could place a jury award well into the hundreds of millions.

This result leads to two interesting questions: Why can Bryan Stow sue while he's incapacitated? And why can't his kids?

Isaiah Rider Arrested: Ex-NBA Slam Dunk Champ's Parole Violation

Former NBA player Isaiah Rider was arrested in Arizona on a parole violation this week.

Rider was placed on probation after he attempted to escape from police who pulled him over for erratic driving in 2010.

The former NBA star has a troubled past. He played for various NBA teams between 1993 and 2001, including the Timberwolves, Blazers, Hawks, Lakers and Nuggets. He was known for his dunking abilities: he won an All-star dunk contest.

But all his triumphs seemed to be overshadowed by his mounting personal and legal troubles.