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Fred Davis has no legal training. Nor does the alleged pimp who sued him.

Yet both are representing themselves in this strange lawsuit that involves fights in clubs, player balls, and hilarious exchanges before a judge.

Fred Davis is accused of throwing a drink on a woman's head and then assaulting and threatening to kill her, reports the Washingtonian. Davis says the woman, Makini Chaka, made it all up because she's mad at Davis for not picking her up at an airport. Additionally, Davis says Chaka is a pimp who runs a whorehouse that sets up athletes and rappers with prostitutes.

Jerry Sandusky Could Still Get Penn State Pension for Life

Jerry Sandusky will probably continue to be paid more than most people in rural Pennsylvania despite the fact that he's been convicted of 45 counts of child molestation and is currently sitting in prison, thanks to Sandusky's Penn State pension plan.

When Sandusky retired from Penn State in 1999, he received a $148,271 lump sum payment, plus the right to receive a $4,900 payment every month for the rest of his life under Pennsylvania's State Employees' Retirement System (SERS), reports Fox News.

And Sandusky is entitled to his pay despite the crimes he's committed.

NBA Coach Mark Jackson Extorted Over Naked Pics

Athletes need to stop sending naked pictures of themselves. Mark Jackson, the Golden State Warriors coach and an ex-NBA star, had an affair with a stripper named Alexis Adams six years ago, reports The Smoking Gun. Jackson is a father of four and has been married for 22 years.

When Jackson refused to leave his wife for Adams, Adams allegedly hatched a scheme to extort him. During their almost one year tryst, Jackson committed the cardinal sin in this digital age -- he sent naked pictures of himself to Adams.

Fear the Brow: Anthony Davis Trademarks Unibrow

Michael Jordan has his tongue. James Harden has his beard. And now Anthony Davis has his unibrow.

By far the best college prospect this year, Anthony Davis also has perhaps the most identifiable physical trait of any draftee: his unibrow.

During his one year career at the University of Kentucky, everyone but Davis profited from the unibrow. But now that won't be the case as Davis trademarked his unibrow.

Kevin Durant Sued by 80s Rocker Over 'Durantula' Nickname

Fans of Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant may have to find a new way to cheer for him. The three-time NBA all-star has been sued over his nickname, 'Durantula.'

Rock musician Mick Durante filed a lawsuit against Durant claiming trademark infringement. Durante says he trademarked the name 'Durantula' back in 1993 and his website uses that name as the URL.

But does this mean that fans won't be able to use the nickname next season?

Detroit Lions Notch Sixth Offseason Arrest

This would make an interesting Las Vegas bet: More wins or arrests involving the Detroit Lions in 2012.

Right now, having only six arrests, safe money would be on wins by the Lions.

But training camp hasn't even started, and at this pace there may be more Detroit Lions arrests than games played in 2012, let alone wins the Lions could possibly accumulate.

Jerry Sandusky in jail for less than 72 hours and he's already complaining.

He better get used to it as he faces 442 years in prison for sexually assaulting and molesting ten boys.

Sandusky is in solitary confinement and has had trouble dealing with the isolation. It's not clear if the taunts of fellow jail mates have affected him.

Can Jerry Sandusky Appeal Because of Joe Amendola's Antics?

On Friday night, Jerry Sandusky was convicted of 45 of 48 charges relating to sexual abuse of minors and likely faces the rest of his life in jail. But despite the overwhelming evidence against him, there is already talk of Jerry Sandusky appealing the result.

The primary grounds for appeal appear to stem from Sandusky's lawyer, Joe Amendola, and his strange interviews and dealings with the media since he began representing Sandusky. But is a kooky lawyer enough to overturn the result?

Sandusky Jury Rehears Testimony as New Allegation Emerges

The jury in the Jerry Sandusky trial was unable to reach a decision Thursday night after deliberating for more than seven hours. In fact, during the night, the jury asked Judge John Cleland if they could rehear testimony from two witnesses, Mike McQueary and Dr. Jonathan Dranov.

Last week, McQueary testified that he saw Sandusky pressing a boy against the shower walls in a Penn State locker room and sexually assaulting him.

Dr. Dranov, a family friend of McQueary, said that McQueary offered a different account when they spoke over the phone, reports ESPN.

Jerry Sandusky's Jury Packed with Penn State People

Before handing the Jerry Sandusky case off to the jury, Judge John Cleland reminded the jury that while they may believe that the former Penn State coach exercised poor judgment in showering with children, that in itself does not equal a crime.

Instead, prosecutors have the burden to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Sandusky sexually assaulted the alleged victims.

With the jury deliberating Sandusky's fate, now may be a good time to review the makeup of Jerry Sandusky's jury.

After seven days of testimony, 50 witnesses, and accounts of serial abuse from eight young accusers, the jury in Jerry Sandusky's child sex abuse case began deliberations Thursday, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Before closing argument even began, Judge John Cleland has dropped three of the charges against Sandusky. Now the former Penn State football coach faces 48 criminal counts of sexually assaulting 10 alleged victims, instead of 51 counts.

A Jerry Sandusky verdict could be reached this week.

Last week, some of the alleged victims in the Jerry Sandusky case said they screamed out for help from Sandusky's wife, 69-year-old Dorothy Sandusky, as they were being raped to no avail.

Taking the stand in defense of her husband, the first thing that Sandusky's attorney Joe Amendola asked of Dorothy was, how's your hearing?

"I think it's pretty good," Dorothy Sandusky responded. This question was aimed at countering the testimony of the victims who said they were molested within earshot of Sandusky's wife.

The defense in Jerry Sandusky's child sex abuse trial rested its case Wednesday morning, without calling the former Penn State assistant football coach to the stand. Closing arguments, the next step in the trial, are set for Thursday morning.

Jerry Sandusky Defense Begins With Character Witnesses

Last week, prosecutors introduced testimony from eight alleged victims who vividly described sexual abuse by Jerry Sandusky that they suffered as children.

This week, Jerry Sandusky's defense begins which much less poignant testimony.

On the first day of the defense, the focus was not on arguments as to why Jerry Sandusky didn't do it. Instead, the focus was on just what a great guy Sandusky supposedly is.

Roger Clemens Not Guilty on All Charges

Roger Clemens was found not guilty on all charges in his perjury trial.

The legendary former pitcher was accused of lying to Congress in 2008 about his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs, reports The Washington Post.

Among the 40 plus witnesses that the jurors heard from in the seven week trial were Clemens' own wife, best friend and former teammate Andy Pettitte, and the prosecutor's star witness Brian McNamee.

Not such a happy Father's Day for Chris Bosh.

The All-Star Miami Heat forward asked an Orlando judge for permission to take his three-year-old daughter to London to watch him play in the summer Olympics.

But Chris Bosh's daughter will be staying home with her mother in the U.S. for a seemingly ridiculous reason.

Jerry Sandusky Trial May Feature Bob Costas Interview

Prosecutors rested their case in the Jerry Sandusky trial this morning. But before closing arguments, prosecutors may seek to introduce unaired portions of the Bob Costas interview with Sandusky from last November.

Apparently, in the interview, Sandusky admitted that, "I didn't go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that I've helped," reports the New York Post.

This admission could have serious consequences for Sandusky and his attorney Joe Amendola.

Can Tony Parker Sue Drake or his Posse For Eye Injury in Brawl?

Tony Parker was a casualty of the bar fight between Chris Brown and Drake early Thursday. The San Antonio Spurs star suffered a scratched retina and is out of commission for seven days while it heals.

That's bad news for Parker who is scheduled to play for the French National Team in the upcoming Summer Olympics in London. He was expecting to start training with the team this week but instead he'll be taking care of his eye.

The Spurs were only just knocked out of the playoffs, which brings up an interesting question: What if this had happened during the season?

Curt Schilling Sued for $2.4M Over Video Game Loans

Curt Schilling personally sued? Yep, the former ace pitcher has been sued for $2.4 million by Citizens Bank over a video game loan.

As you may have heard, Curt Schilling's dip into the video game market has not been very successful. His company, 38 Studios LLC, filed for bankruptcy protection last week.

But while creditors of the company may be out of luck, creditors of Schilling personally, may still be able to get its money back.

A Las Vegas judge denied Floyd Mayweather's request to be let out of jail early. Mayweather had asked for an early release as he said his health was suffering from prison food and lack of bottled water.

The judge told Mayweather that he should eat and drink what's provided. The celebrity boxer will not receive any special treatment and will serve out the remainder of his 90-day prison sentence.

Seems fair, as the legal grounds of "I may never fight again" wasn't the strongest to begin with.

Phillie Phanatic Sued for Tossing Woman Into Pool

Phillie Phanatic sued after an incident at a Jersey Shore hotel.

Imagine lounging by the pool when a giant fuzzy green thing suddenly picks you up and throws you in the water.

That's what happened to Suzanne Peirce at a Jersey Shore hotel pool, the woman claims in her Phillie Phanatic lawsuit.

Mike McQueary Testifies at Jerry Sandusky Trial

Mike McQueary testifies at the Jerry Sandusky trial -- and it was rather damning.

For more than an hour, McQueary described what he saw at the Penn State locker room showers back in 2001 when a boy was allegedly sexually assaulted by Sandusky. McQueary then withstood an 85-minute cross examination by defense lawyers.

Mike McQueary testifies that he went to the gym one night and saw a naked Sandusky pushing a 10-12 year-old-boy against a shower wall and then engaging in a sex act with the child, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is wasting away in jail -- so much so, it could cause "irreversible damage" to his physique and his boxing career, his lawyers claim in an emergency motion to get him out.

Mayweather, 35, began a 90-day jail sentence June 1 after he pleaded guilty to beating his ex-girlfriend, a misdemeanor, in 2010. Jail officials are keeping Mayweather isolated from other prisoners for his own protection, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

But when Mayweather's personal physician examined him Friday, he found the boxer's isolation in jail "threatens to end or shorten Mr. Mayweather's boxing career," according to the emergency motion.

Is Floyd Mayweather's jail sentences too much for the boxer to bear?

First Jerry Sandusky Accuser Describes Sexual Abuse

The Jerry Sandusky trial began Monday with the first Jerry Sandusky accuser taking the witness stand to describe his alleged abuse in graphic detail.

The 68-year-old former Penn State coach faces 50 counts of abusing 10 boys over several years, reports The New York Times.

The unidentified accuser, now 28, offered several hours of testimony giving graphic accounts of alleged sexual abuse by Sandusky.

Two former Auburn football players, Ladarious Phillips and Ed Christian, both 20 years of age, were killed in a shooting at an apartment near campus.

Police are actively looking for the suspect in the Auburn shooting, 22-year-old Desmonte Leonard of Montgomery, Ala., reports ESPN.

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon's DUI spent about nine hours behind bars Sunday after his second drunk driving arrest in two years.

Blackmon, who played for Oklahoma State University before being chosen as the fifth overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft, was pulled over about 3 a.m. June 3 in Stillwater, Okla., after an officer clocked him going 60 mph in a 30 mph zone, Oklahoma City's KWTV reports. Blackmon posted bail and was released from jail at 12:45 p.m.

A breathalyzer test showed Blackmon had a blood alcohol level of 0.24%, which is three times Oklahoma's legal limit of 0.08%. Under Oklahoma law, that means Blackmon faces a more serious DUI charge that comes with harsher penalties.