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Houston Texans Fan Dies After Falling Off 3-Story Escalator

A 45-year-old Houston Texans fan died after he fell from a three-story escalator at Reliant Stadium in the Texans' final tuneup before the NFL regular season.

The unidentified fan allegedly fell to his death while "horse-playing" on the escalator. Police say that the man was trying to slide down the outside of the handrail on the escalator when he fell three stories, landing on the pavement, reports CBS.

Not surprisingly, it's suspected that alcohol may have played a role in the incident, reports the CBS.

Club W.i.P. Wants Tony Parker Lawsuit Dismissed

Club W.i.P. is now firing back at Tony Parker's lawsuit.

The club asked a court to throw out the San Antonio Spurs point guard's lawsuit, claiming that it has no merit, reports The Urban Daily. While Parker's eye injury suffered during a brawl at the club may be unfortunate, the club does not see why it should be on the hook for the $20 million that Parker is seeking.

Parker had claimed that Club W.i.P. should never have let both Drake and Chris Brown into the club given their personal beef, reports the Daily. Club W.i.P. countered that it's not their business to keep track of patrons' personal drama, and so they should not be liable for injuries resulting from the drama.

Kris Humphries Denies Herpes in Sexual Battery Lawsuit

Kris Humphries did exist before Kim Kardashian. One young woman in California can attest to that claiming that the Brooklyn Nets power forward infected her with herpes.

Shortly before meeting Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries allegedly had a short-lived relationship with a woman he met at a Sunset Strip nightclub.

The relationship had all the makings of a love story including sharing jokes and stories about "intimate experiences" before engaging in unprotected sex, reports the New York Daily News. The only thing preventing this story from become a regular rom-com was the claim that the woman discovered she had herpes four or five days after hooking up with Kris Humphries.

NFL Fans Ejected From Games Must Take Online Course to Return

Ejected NFL fans now must take an online course to get back in the stadium.

As an extension of the NFL's Fan Code of Conduct, any fan who is thrown out of a game will be required to take a four-hour online course before they are permitted to reenter.

To boot, ejected NFL fans may have to pay up to $100 just to take the online course. The course will focus on topics like alcohol abuse, anger management, and crude behavior, reports ESPN. Several teams have already used the course in the past, but the new policy means that every NFL team will now require the course.

Lois Ann Goodman was arrested at a Manhattan hotel for allegedly killing her husband.

The 70-year-old U.S. Open tennis referee is accused of bludgeoning her husband to death with a coffee mug at their home in California, reports The New York Times.

While the tennis referee was quietly apprehended by police at her hotel, police indicate they were prepared to arrest her at the tennis tournament if necessary.

Ryan Lochte Feuds w/ Compton Rapper Over 'Jeah' Phrase

Ryan Lochte may have gotten a lot more than he bargained for with his "Jeah" trademark claim.

The Olympic gold medal swimmer went from a relative unknown to a household name in the past few months. The swimmer is now everywhere with commercial and television appearances. But Lochte may have completely jumped the shark with his "Jeah" trademark claim.

And he may have also inadvertently started beef with "Compton's O.G." MC Eiht.

Ex-NHL Player Mike McBain Accused of Molesting Girl

Former NHL hockey player Mike McBain is accused of molesting and raping a 12-year-old girl.

If that is not horrendous enough, the girl is McBain's stepdaughter and McBain is accused of impersonating a teammate so that he could hear his stepdaughter recount their sexual encounters.

The alleged molestation was eventually revealed when the victim told her mom. McBain then reportedly tried to kill himself and admitted the crime, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Lance Armstrong Lawsuit vs. Doping Agency Thrown Out

A federal judge threw out Lance Armstrong's lawsuit against the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

Armstrong had sued the USADA to stop its investigation into his alleged doping and use of performance-enhancing drugs. If Armstrong is found to have cheated, he could be stripped of his Tour de France victories, face a lifetime ban from competitive cycling, and his legacy will likely be forever tarnished.

The U.S. District Court in Texas refused to get involved in the matter and the judge essentially said the matter should be resolved within USADA's own internal protocols and not in a U.S. court, reports CNN.

Augusta National Admits Women for the First Time

The Augusta National Golf Club is set to admit two women as members.

After an 80-year history of all-male membership, the home of the Masters is finally entering the modern age and is opening its doors to females.

The two women invited to join are former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and South Carolina financier Darla Moore, reports The Associated Press. It's interesting to note that the most recent woman to have sparked the Augusta sexism debate, IBM CEO Virginia Rometty, was not invited. The past four IBM CEOs were invited into the club, but Rometty never received her invite -- and she's still waiting.

The NFL is taking the offensive in the head injury lawsuits by suing more than 30 insurance companies for failing to cover the league's rapidly growing legal bills.

A large group of former players has sued the NFL claiming that they suffered permanent head injuries as a result of playing football. In 143 lawsuits, the ex-players accuse the NFL of negligence for failing to inform players of the link between repeated traumatic head impacts and long-term brain injuries, reports Bloomberg.

With the large scope of the lawsuit, the NFL has already racked up $5 million in legal bills. According to its insurance policies, the NFL believes that companies like Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. and TIG Insurance Co. breached their contracts by refusing to defend the league.

Former Georgia Football Coach Jim Donnan Accused of Ponzi Scheme

Hall of Fame college football coach Jim Donnan has been accused of engaging in a Ponzi scheme by the federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The former University of Georgia coach is currently under investigation by the SEC and the agency is seeking to recover millions of dollars of ill-gotten gains. However, the former coach has not yet been charged with a crime, reports The Associated Press.

Donnan allegedly engaged in an elaborate Ponzi scheme with a business partner where the pair used Donnan's high-profile connections to swindle about $80 million from investors.

"Your Daddy is going to take care of you," Donnan told one former player who later invested $800,000, according to the SEC's complaint, which did not name the victims.

Terrell Owens' Seahawks Deal May Impact His Child Support

Terrell Owens' new Seattle Seahawks deal could affect his ongoing child support battle.

The diva wide receiver got what he wanted with another shot in the NFL when he signed the deal with the Seahawks. However, Owens may have got more than he bargained for, as he could now be on the hook for the full amount of child support payment that he owes.

When unemployed, T.O. asked a court to reduce his $5,000 monthly child support payments to the mother of one of his four children, reports The Atlanta Journal Constitution. But after signing the $1 million deal, Owens may have sidelined his chances of winning that argument.

How Much Can Evelyn Lozada Get in Chad Johnson Divorce?

After 41 days of marriage, Evelyn Lozada filed for divorce from her allegedly cheating husband Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson.

The couple reportedly starting arguing earlier this week after Lozada discovered a receipt for a box of condoms in the trunk of their Smart car, reports ABC. It’s not clear why, but Lozada immediately became suspicious and confronted Johnson.

The confrontation quickly became violent, and Johnson was charged with head-butting his wife. Instead of trying to save their short marriage, Lozada decided to file for divorce. So what can Lozada expect to gain from her divorce from the high-profile former NFL star?

MMA Fighter Jason 'Mayhem' Miller Found Naked in Church

Jason "Mayhem" Miller was arrested after police found him naked inside a Southern California Church.

A pastor at the Mission Viejo Church called authorities when he suspected there was break-in at the church. The pastor had found books and CDs strewn about, white powder on the floors, and missing boards from a previously broken window, reports The Associated Press.

When police arrived, they discovered the popular MMA fighter and host of MTV's "Bully Beatdown" naked on a couch.

Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson Arrested for Head-Butting Wife

Chad Johnson, the NFL star formerly known as Chad Ochocinco, was arrested over the weekend after allegedly head-butting his wife.

The couple apparently began arguing after Johnson's wife, Evelyn Lozada, found a receipt for a box of condoms in his car, reports Fox News.

Despite being married for less than two months, the Miami Dolphins' wide receiver apparently did not have a good excuse for the receipt. So Johnson allegedly began yelling at screaming at Lozada before head-butting her.

Cheerleading is Not a Sport, Federal Appeals Court Rules

A federal appeals court ruled that cheerleading is not a sport.

In an ironic twist, women cheer the decision by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals as it means that Quinnipiac University in Connecticut discriminated against women when it replaced women's volleyball with cheerleading.

Though the court did find that someday, "with better organization" and "defined rules," cheerleading may achieve sport status, reports Reuters.

U.S. judo competitor Nicholas Delpopolo has been expelled from the Olympics after he tested positive for marijuana.

The American admitted he had unwittingly eaten marijuana-laced food and has waived his right to a hearing, reports BBC. Delpopolo, 23, finished seventh in the competition, so there were no medals at stake in his expulsion.

While the Olympics and team U.S.A. may not be someone's typical employer, and judo throwing may not be someone's typical job, Delpopolo's expulsion should serve as a reminder to workers everywhere what happens if you fail a drug test at work.

Chargers RB Ryan Matthews Injured in Car Accident

The San Diego Chargers' Ryan Matthews suffered minor injuries after getting into a car accident. He's listed as day to day for practice.

As he got onto a highway this week, the running back says he lost control of his BMW and struck another car, reports The Associated Press.

Matthews describes the accident as a "freak thing that happened." The California Highway Patrol officer believes that Matthews may have been driving too fast at the time of the accident.

Wisconsin RB Montee Ball Hospitalized After Attack by Gang of 5

Montee Ball was sent to the hospital following an unprovoked attack by five men early Wednesday morning. Ball, star running back of the Wisconsin football team, was a Heisman Trophy finalist last year. It's not clear if his high-profile status around Madison played a role in the attack.

As a result of the beating, Ball suffered head injuries, reports ESPN.

Witnesses say that the men knocked Ball to the ground and began kicking him. Ball has been released from the hospital though his coach says that the team medical staff is still supervising him.