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Convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky's new home is a supermax prison in a remote part of southwestern Pennsylvania, where most of the state's death-row inmates are also being held.

Pennsylvania's Department of Corrections transferred Sandusky to the State Correctional Institution at Greene near Waynesburg on Wednesday, after an evaluation at a corrections facility near Harrisburg, the Associated Press reports.

Sandusky, 68, will serve his 30- to 60-year sentence at Greene, where he will be under protective custody at all times. According to the Department of Corrections, this means Sandusky:

A woman who claimed to have caught Pablo Sandoval's third home run ball was arrested by San Francisco police for allegedly trespassing at the time she made the catch.

The incident happened during the fifth inning of the San Francisco Giants' rout of the Detroit Tigers in game one of the World Series. Sandoval was having a historic night and had just launched his third homer (in three plate appearances) into the outfield bleachers, reports CBS.

The Giants' fan, Dawn Price, claimed that she was sitting in the bleachers and fell into an area behind the center field fence as she attempted to grab the ball. After claiming to fall and snapping up the ball, the woman was greeted with cheers and also AT&T Park security. She was eventually hauled off and arrested for trespassing.

Mark Grace to Prison for DUI?

Mark Grace could wind up in prison for his latest DUI arrest.

The former Chicago Cubs great, and most recently broadcaster for the Arizona Diamondbacks, was indicted on four felony counts stemming from his August arrest in Arizona on suspicion of driving under the influence, reports USA Today.

Grace was charged not only with driving under the influence but also with driving with a suspended license and without an interlock device. Grace had been convicted of a DUI last year for another incident in Arizona.

'Honey Badger' Tyrann Mathieu Arrested on Drug Charges

So much for being reformed. Former LSU safety Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu has been arrested on drug-related charges.

Mathieu and three other former LSU football players were busted on a variety of charges related to marijuana, reports ESPN.

Honey Badger's chances of returning to LSU, not to mention his NFL prospects, may have just gone up in smoke.

And just like on the football field, these former LSU players can point their finger and blame ex-quarterback Jordan Jefferson.

Magic Johnson Sued By Ex-Employee Over Deli Meats?

Magic Johnson is being sued by his former personal flight attendant for wrongful termination.

Lanita Thomas was Johnson's personal attendant on his private jet from 2004 until she was fired a month ago.

Thomas says that she was fired for being 15 minutes late to work on one occasion. The 45-year-old woman does not deny being late.

But she claims that she was late because she had to go to the grocery store to pick up two types of turkey meat that Johnson requires on all his sandwiches, reports The Urban Daily.

Hall of Famer Carlton Fisk Arrested for a DUI

Carlton Fisk was arrested for a DUI after police found him passed out in his pickup truck.

The Hall of Fame catcher had apparently driven his Ford F-150 pickup truck into a ditch in an Illinois farm field.

When police arrived at the scene, the 64-year-old Fisk was allegedly sleeping behind the wheel of the truck and the vehicle's engine was still running. Police say that Fisk was disoriented when officers woke him, and he declined a blood-alcohol test.

An open 1.75-liter bottle of liquor also was in the car, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Tim Tebow Trademarking 'Tebowing'

Tim Tebow recently received official trademark protection over the phrase and pose of "Tebowing."

So if the New York Jets backup quarterback (and devout Christian) does not like the way you pray, he could make you pay, reports The Washington Times.

Tebowing has become one of the rare sporting crazes that has crossed over into mainstream life. Football players now Tebow after touchdowns, actors Tebow after winning awards, and criminals Tebow after committing crimes.

NY Giants Players' Cars Burglarized During Away Game

There wasn't much of a home-field advantage on a recent Sunday when the New York Giants' dismantled the San Francisco 49ers. The home 49ers were destroyed. But while their cars sat at home in New Jersey, several New York Giants team members had their cars burglarized.

When the Giants arrived back in New Jersey, they found out that five cars were broken into and one car belonging to defensive tackle Marvin Austin was stolen, reports Reuters.

The cars were parked in an area of the Timex Performance Center's parking lot in East Rutherford, where the team trains, reports Reuters. A lock was broken on a gate to gain entry into the parking lot.

Hines Ward Extortion Suspect Arrested

A Pittsburgh man was arrested in an extortion attempt of former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward.

Joshua Van Auker allegedly reached out to Ward's personal assistant and threatened that unless Ward paid him $15,000, the man would release information tying Ward to soliciting prostitutes, reports The Associated Press.

The 26-year-old suspect reportedly told Ward that the $15,000 was the price for silence. After retiring from professional football, Ward has remained in the spotlight as a television commentator and also through his appearances on Dancing With the Stars.

Ex-Chiefs RB Larry Johnson Charged w/ Strangling Ex-Girlfriend

Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson has been charged with felony domestic violence after allegedly strangling an ex-girlfriend in Las Vegas last week, reports TMZ.

Johnson faces a maximum five years in jail and a $15,000 fine.

The running back has a history of assaulting women. However, Johnson insists that he did not strangle his ex-girlfriend this time. And there may be video surveillance evidence to exonerate him.

Jerry Sandusky Sentenced to at Least 30 Years, Plans to Appeal

Facing a potential of up to 400 years in prison on 45 counts of child sexual abuse, Jerry Sandusky was sentenced Tuesday to 30 to 60 years in prison.

Judge John Cleland justified his decision by saying that the minimum of 30 years behind bars was essentially a life sentence for Sandusky, now 68 years old, reports NBC News. But perhaps a symbolic sentence of the full 400 years may have been a more powerful statement against Sandusky. It also may have served as vindication for the victims he abused.

After all, the similarly-aged Bernie Madoff received the maximum of 150 years behind bars for his Ponzi scheme.

Top 5 Ways to Get Arrested While Tailgating

Seventy-two people were arrested for football tailgating in what could have been one of the final matchups in the historic rivalry between Michigan and Notre Dame.

Indiana State Police arrested the 72 people and charged them with almost 100 criminal counts. This followed the arrest of 110 people at the not-so-historic Ball State/Indiana University matchup the previous week also for tailgating-related incidents. As you can expect, most of the arrests related to alcohol.

With tailgating as popular as the game itself in many areas, we came up with our top 5 list of ways to get arrested during tailgating.

The Alabama fan who simulated a sex act on a passed-out LSU fan in a viral video could spend the next two years in prison, the Associated Press reports.

Brian H. Downing, 33, of Smiths Station, Ala., exposed his genitals and pretended to sodomize an unconscious man in a Louisiana State University jersey at a Bourbon Street restaurant in January. The incident took place after Alabama beat LSU in the BCS national title game.

Mike McQueary Sues Penn State for $4M for Defamation

Mike McQueary is suing Penn State University for defamation and whistle-blowing. The former graduate assistant and key witness in the Jerry Sandusky trial is seeking $4 million in damages.

In 2001, McQueary said that he saw Sandusky performing sexual acts on a boy in the Penn State showers. McQueary made national headlines and outraged many because people wondered why the former college quarterback didn't just maul Sandusky and save the boy.

Instead, McQueary was painted as a coward who not only whimpered away, but also failed to report the sexual abuse to authorities or anyone else. However, he claims this portrayal was not true, and McQueary says that this inaccurate portrayal of him was planted by Penn State's athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz who wanted to make him the scapegoat for the scandal, reports The Associated Press.

New Fantasy Football Law Legalizes Fantasy League Prizes

Fantasy football players in Maryland can rejoice as the legislature has just made the friendly wagering legal in the state.

Until October 1, fantasy sports leagues in Maryland were technically illegal although it's unclear whether anyone was prosecuted under the rule. Earlier this year, the Maryland legislature passed a law which went into effect recently allowing fantasy football leagues to continue unimpaired.

Previous law didn't specifically ban fantasy sports leagues but they fell within the category of unlawful gambling which made them problematic.

Alcohol Banned at Univ. of Kentucky Tailgate Parties

Last weekend, the University of Kentucky school president banned alcohol at certain tailgating spots ahead of the school's big game against SEC rival South Carolina, reports The Associated Press.

With no real news of fights or especially unruly alcohol-related behavior before or after the game, the ban seemed to have worked.

Too bad the success could not be carried onto the field as the Wildcats blew a second half lead and lost to the heavily favored Gamecocks. Maybe a more raucous home crowd could have helped the team. It's still yet to be determined if the alcohol ban at tailgates will be in effect for all future Kentucky games.