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Dodgers Fan Stabbing Suspect Released Without Charges

The suspect in connection with the stabbing death of a Dodgers fan last Wednesday has been released without charges. The death of Jonathan Denver, 24, was linked to two suspects -- Michael Montgomery, 21, of Lodi, California, being one of them. Montgomery was released from jail on Friday, Reuters reports.

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon said in a statement that there wasn't enough evidence to bring a charge against Montgomery, according to Reuters. Gascon also stated that there was an obligation to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Montgomery did not act in self-defense.

What does this mean for the criminal investigation into the Dodger fan's fatal stabbing?

Dodgers Fan Dies After Stabbing Near S.F. Ballpark

A Los Angeles Dodgers fan died Wednesday after a stabbing near the ballpark in San Francisco. Jonathan Denver, 24, of Fort Bragg, California, had just attended a baseball game against the Giants with his father, who works as a Dodgers security guard.

Denver was allegedly stabbed to death by Michael Montgomery, 21, of Lodi, the Los Angeles Times reports. Montgomery's father, however, claims that his son was only acting in self-defense.

There was an alleged altercation between victim and accused killer before the stabbing, but was this really an act of self-defense?

3 Dallas Cowboys Sued Over Teen's Near-Drowning at Camp

Three Dallas cowboys are being sued by the family of a teen who nearly drowned at a football camp they hosted this past summer.

The parents of 13-year-old James Jackson Jr. are suing defensive end Anthony Spencer (the camp's namesake), wide receiver Miles Austin, cornerback Brandon Carr, former player Sterling Moore, and Sports International, the organizer of the camp.

The family is seeking more than $1 million for their teen's "pain and suffering, mental anguish, physical impairment, medical bills, and future loss of earning capacity," reports NBC News.

Ex-NFL Player Brian Holloway's House Trashed by Teens; Will Parents Sue?

Ex-NFL star Brian Holloway has learned that his New York home was trashed by teens who threw a rowdy party over Labor Day Weekend. However, instead of parents coming forward to help pay for damages or apologize, some are threatening to sue, United Press International reports.

The plot thickens, however, because these threats stem from the fact that the former New England Patriots player posted the teens' names on a website -- including photos and tweets made by the partiers.

Does Holloway have any valid legal claims? Do the parents?

Heat's Chris 'Birdman' Anderson Cleared in 'Double Catfishing' Hoax

The Birdman shall remain cage-free. Miami Heat star Chris "Birdman" Andersen, who was embroiled in an online child pornography investigation, was actually the victim of an elaborate Internet hoax, authorities revealed Wednesday.

In what's being called a bizarre "double catfishing" scheme, a Canadian woman not only posed online as other people to communicate with Andersen, but also posed as Andersen to talk to other victims.

So basically, the Birdman got Manti Te'o-ed.

Madison Square Garden Sued by Unpaid Ex-Interns

Madison Square Garden (MSG) has been sued in a class action suit by former interns. In the latest lawsuit involving unpaid interns, Forbes reports, the former MSG interns claim that MSG had used the title of "intern" or "student associate" to classify workers who performed in duties that would normally qualify them as regular employees.

According to the complaint, had the plaintiffs not performed these duties, additional employees or regular staff members would have had to take on the work, Forbes reports.

The suit seeks to recover damages of unpaid wages for improperly classified workers dating back to 2007. Here is a general breakdown of paying (or not paying) interns:

Ex-FAMU Football Player Jonathan Ferrell Killed; N.C. Cop Charged

Former FAMU football player Jonathan Ferrell was killed early Saturday after he was shot by a police officer who was responding to a 911 call for a suspected "breaking and entering."

But police in Charlotte, North Carolina, believe that Ferrell was not an attempted burglar. Rather, the 24-year-old was just trying to seek help after a severe car crash.

The 27-year-old police officer who shot and killed Ferrell has been arrested. He's charged with voluntary manslaughter.

Did Anti-Ketchup Bias Lead to Singing Hot Dog Vendor's Firing?

The Detroit Tigers' beloved anti-ketchup hot dog vendor was fired in early September, and fans of the man's mustard-only views have been left wondering why.

As The Detroit News reports, Charley Marcuse, also known as the Singing Hot Dog Man at Comerica Park, was fired after 15 years of service, with some Tigers fans speculating that the reason for his firing wasn't the singing, it was his staunch anti-ketchup policy.

Could Marcuse get fired for refusing to give fans ketchup for their dogs?

School Football Player's Helmet Assault May Be Criminal

Police in Lebanon County, PA, are currently in the middle of an investigation of a possible criminal assault involving a football helmet, reports The Associated Press.

Video footage allegedly showed high school football quarterback Joey Cominsky pulling the helmet off lineman Josh Hartman, and then using the helmet to hit him at least twice. Cominsky was on the opposing team. Hartman sustained a cut on the top of his head, but is otherwise fine.

The high schools plan to handle this matter internally, but can any actual charges be filed against Cominsky?

49ers Fan Dies After Fall at Candlestick Park

A San Francisco 49ers fan died after falling from an elevated walkway at Candlestick Park, shortly after kickoff at Sunday's season opener against the Green Bay Packers.

The deceased Niners fan, whose name has yet to be released, appeared to be intoxicated before his fatal fall, reports The Associated Press.

As with other accidental stadium deaths, the victim's relatives could potentially sue the 49ers and stadium operators.

NFLPA Launches App to Prevent Player DUIs

The NFL Players Association announced this week that it will soon provide players with an app to safely and discretely summon transportation, removing the need to get behind the wheel drunk.

Optimistic that the new technology will gain traction, the NFL players' union is hoping this alternative to drunken driving will reduce "DUI offenders in the league," reports Sports Illustrated.

Will an app be enough to cut down on DUI arrests and convictions in the league?

Celtics Forward Sullinger Charged in Assault Case

The Boston Celtics' Jared Sullinger faces serious charges following his girlfriend's allegations of domestic violence. Sullinger, 21, pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to the charges, which include assault, battery, and intimidation of a witness.

According to the police, reports ESPN, officers showed up at Sullinger's residence on Saturday evening after his girlfriend, Deann Smith, had called. She claims that, earlier that day, Sullinger had assaulted her, pinning her down onto the bed and not letting her get up. The heated argument allegedly occurred over accusations from Smith that Sullinger was cheating.

Sullinger released a statement last week through the Celtics, apologizing, and calling the experience "humbling and embarrassing."