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World Series Bomb Threats Get Twitter User Arrested

A St. Louis man has been arrested, after allegedly making a World Series-related bomb threat on Twitter. Robert Metzinger was charged on Saturday for making a terrorist threat, after taking to the social media site and implying that he would use an explosive device around Busch Stadium during the World Series, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

His Twitter account has been deleted since then, but one tweet stated: "Putting my loft up for a ridiculous 'Boston-only' rate for the #WorldSeries. Pressure cooker sold separately."

What does Metzinger's terrorist threat charge mean?

Will Paterno Family's NCAA Lawsuit Move Forward?

A judge heard arguments this week in a lawsuit filed by the Paterno family. Former Penn State coach Joe Paterno's family is attempting to reverse NCAA sanctions against the school resulting from the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse case, The Associated Press reports.

An agreement struck between the NCAA and Penn State last year included a $60 million fine, a temporary reduction in scholarships, and a four-year ban on post-season play.

Here's a general breakdown of the family's lawsuit:

Penn State Settlement: $59.7M for 26 of Sandusky's Victims

Penn State University has settled claims brought by 26 victims of disgraced ex-coach Jerry Sandusky. The victims will receive $59.7 million in total.

In a press release issued Monday, Penn State President Rodney Erickson remarked on the settlement's role in "the healing process" and ensuring that these sorts of incidents "never [happen] again at Penn State."

The settlement will never undo the damage done by Sandusky, but it can be seen as a victory of sorts for more than two dozen men who'd pursued claims against Penn State.

Dolphins' Mike Pouncey Subpoenaed in Aaron Hernandez Case

Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey was subpoenaed by a Massachusetts grand jury on Sunday in a case involving former University of Florida teammate and alleged murderer Aaron Hernandez.

According to Sports Illustrated, Pouncey was served the subpoena after the Dolphins lost to the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts, allowing the Massachusetts grand jury to legally deliver the court summons in its home state.

What are Pouncey's options now that he's been pulled into Hernandez's murder case?

Twitter Threats Against N.Y. Mets Lead to Man's Arrest

A Connecticut man was cuffed this week for allegedly making Twitter threats against the New York Mets.

Police say horror film enthusiast Aryn Leroux, 42, of West Haven, allegedly threatened Mets players and even tweeted plans to slash team managers in an attack reminiscent of "Friday the 13th."

Leroux was charged with second-degree threatening and breach of peace, which are both misdemeanors.

Police Investigate Jets Fan Who Punched Woman After Patriots Game

After the New York Jets narrowly beat the New England Patriots in Sunday's game at Met Life stadium, a post-game brawl broke out and ended with a Jets fan punching a woman (who was a Pats fan).

The media is having a field day over the gender dynamics -- a male Jets fan who punched a female Pats fan. But as the video footage below suggests, the man could potentially argue he was acting in self defense.

Ex-NBA Star Bill Russell Sorry for Gun at Airport

Hall of Fame center Bill Russell is in the spotlight -- but, this time, not for his basketball skills. Last Wednesday, the former Celtics star was arrested for having a gun at the airport, CBS reports.

A loaded .38-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun was found in Russell's carry-on while he was going through security at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport last week. The gun was promptly confiscated.

Over the weekend, Russell has issued a statement regarding the incident. What is his stance on the situation, and what can we learn from this?

Ex-Holy Cross Basketball Player Sues Over Alleged Abuse

A former Holy Cross women's basketball player filed a lawsuit against the school and the team's longtime coach, Bill Gibbons, alleging he was verbally, physically, and emotionally abusive. With the claims under review, Gibbons is currently on administrative leave.

Does this spell the end of Gibbons' illustrious coaching career at Holy Cross?

Who Killed Adrian Peterson's Son?

Vikings MVP Adrian Peterson's son died after allegedly being beaten last week by a South Dakota man who was a friend of the child's mother.

Joseph Patterson, 27, of Sioux Falls, has been charged with aggravated assault and battery for allegedly abusing Peterson's 2-year-old son.

What potential punishment could the suspect face if convicted?

49ers' Aldon Smith Charged With Assault Weapon Possession, DUI

Aldon Smith of the San Francisco 49ers is looking to face three felony weapons assault charges. This comes on the heels of his recent DUI arrest, which occurred two weeks ago, Santa Clara's KNTV-TV reports.

This stems back to last summer, when the Bay Area linebacker hosted a party in June 2012 where he was stabbed, while two others were shot. Later on, the authorities found a cache of assault magazines, rifles, and ammunition.

Where is Smith currently, and what punishment could he be looking to face for these charges?

Cleveland Browns' Jon Sandusky, Jerry's Son, Arrested for DUI

Jerry Sandusky's son Jon Sandusky has been arrested for DUI. It happened after police in Fargo, North Dakota, pulled over Jon Sandusky, the Cleveland Browns' director of player personnel, for performing an illegal turn early Thursday.

According to TMZ, officers suspected Sandusky was intoxicated, and after he allegedly refused a Breathalyzer, Sandusky was run through a field sobriety test... which he failed.

The younger -- and less notorious -- Sandusky is now facing a drunken driving charge.

A-Rod Sues MLB; Albert Pujols Sues Jack Clark

The world of baseball has taken a turn for the litigious with A-Rod suing Major League Baseball and Albert Pujols suing Jack Clark.

Both lawsuits are about the wonderful world of doping, of course.

49ers' Donte Whitner Seeks Name Change to 'Hitner'

San Francisco 49ers' safety Donte Whitner is planning on changing his name to Donte Hitner. Apparently, Whitner (soon to be without the "W") has already put in the paperwork, the NFL reports.

This decision comes only days after the football star was fined $21,000 from the National Football League (NFL) for unnecessary roughness in a game against the St. Louis Rams, according to 49ers.com.

Why this decision to drop one letter from his name? Also, is changing your name really that simple?

EA Sports Settles With College Athletes Over Use of Likenesses

College athletes settled with video game giant EA Sports last week, leaving the NCAA the sole defendant in a lawsuit seeking payment for using college players' likenesses in EA Sports' video games.

The settlement comes just after EA Sports announced on its website that it would not publish a college football game in 2014, The New York Times reports.

This lawsuit will affect how hundreds of thousands of players are compensated for their likenesses, and the case is still not resolved.