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Former NHL Players Sue Over Concussions

Former NHL players are rallying to sue the League for not doing enough to protect past players from concussions.

St. Louis Blues player Gary Leeman (1996-1997) and nine other former players have joined in a federal class-action lawsuit on Monday against the National Hockey League (NHL), seeking compensation for past and future medical costs as a result of brain trauma incurred during their careers, reports ESPN.

Will ex-hockey players follow former football stars in reaching a settlement for their injuries?

Raiders Fan Saves Woman Who Jumped From Stadium's 3rd Deck

A Raiders fan was seriously injured on Sunday trying to break a woman's fall after she jumped from the deck of the Oakland's O.co Coliseum.

The 61-year-old Good Samaritan was hospitalized but is now in stable condition, reports Oakland's KTVU-TV. The woman he saved was in "very critical" condition on Sunday, but she did survive her fall from the third-level deck.

Both parties have yet to be identified.

Fake N.Y. Giants Ticket Scam Busted in NYPD Sting

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has busted three alleged fraudsters in a fake Giants tickets scam. A stack of about 100 counterfeit New York Giants tickets were confiscated in the bust, the New York Daily News reports.

Police learned about this scam after a man who purchased bad tickets off Craigslist contacted them. A sting then ensued.

What happened, and how can you protect yourself from becoming a victim of fraud?

Buffalo Bills Fan Falls From Stadium's 3rd Deck; 2 Injured

A Buffalo Bills fan fell from the upper deck at Ralph Wilson Stadium during the team's 37-14 victory over the New York Jets on Sunday. He's now been barred from the stadium, and may even face criminal charges, Rochester's YNN reports.

Video footage of the incident appears to show the man sliding down a railing before falling over the ledge -- and on top of another person on the second deck.

Both the fan who fell and the person whom he landed on were treated for non-life threatening injuries. But the so-called "Jumper" is now nose-diving into a slew of consequences.

FSU's Jameis Winston Not Talking to Police in Alleged Battery Case

FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston is under investigation for sexual assault by the Tallahassee police, and he's not talking.

According to ESPN, the investigation stems from a "sexual assault complaint filed nearly a years ago," but no criminal charges have yet been filed.

Winston's status as a player hasn't changed as of yet, but what does the player's silence mean?

Is Betting on Fantasy Football Legal?

Every year, millions of Americans draft fantasy football teams. Many players raise the stakes by adding cash prizes and bets to the mix.

But is playing fantasy football for money illegal? That answer may surprise you.

Miami Dolphins Hazing Investigation: What If Jonathan Martin Sues?

The NFL is investigating the abuse and harassment of Miami Dolphins player Jonathan Martin, announcing Wednesday that attorney Ted Wells will lead the investigation.

According to the Miami Herald, Wells' investigation will conclude with a report to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell before the results are eventually released to the public.

How would an internal investigation affect a possible lawsuit by Jonathan Martin?

Man Uses Taser on Wife for Losing 'Monday Night Football' Bet

A fanatical Bears fan learned the hard way that Tasers and football bets don't mix.

Bears fan John Grant is being charged with a felony after he used a stun gun on his wife, a Packers fan, to settle a bet on the result of "Monday Night Football."

Sports pro-tip to Packers v. Bears rivals: Don't enter bets involving stun guns. It won't end well for anyone.

Miami Dolphins' Incognito Suspended in 'Bullying' Investigation

Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito was suspended Sunday after allegations surfaced that he was bullying offensive tackle Jonathan Martin.

According to the Miami Herald, Incognito allegedly sent teammate Martin "racially charged texts" and was suspended while both the Dolphins and the NFL look into the matter.

Bullying is no joke to the NFL, which may mean this could be it for Incognito's career with the Dolphins.