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LegalTech 2012 Highlights New Tech For Your Practice

LegalTech 2012 has officially ended. The three-day conference, held at the New York Hilton, offered up opportunities for tech-savvy lawyers to network and learn.

Thomson Reuters, FindLaw's parent company, had a booth at Legal Tech. FindLaw's corporate sales consultant Aaron Black was also on site at the conference this year. Our intrepid "correspondent" rubbed shoulders with a lot of vendors and attorneys this week.

So what was the buzz like at LegalTech 2012?

Some interesting discussions were had at the conference. And, here are a few that seemed to pique interest, according to Black:

  • Predictive coding. Everybody's favorite topic, eDiscovery, has come back into the limelight.
  • Cloud computing. More firms are migrating to the cloud. Is yours? It may end up having a significant impact on case management.
  • Social media. Can your Facebook or Twitter be "discoverable" through legal actions? We've talked about this before on our blogs.

"There was heavy foot traffic on the floor and high attendance at the speaker events," Black said. "There was a ton of buzz about the latest legal technology solutions and a strong sense of optimism about the coming year."

Optimism is definitely a good sign. "The vendors I met with agree that LegalTech 2012 was an all-around success," Black added.

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