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Microsoft Surface Tablet Could be Better for Attorneys Than iPad

Buy a tablet that's not an iPad?

Well, if you're a practicing attorney who wants better use of your tablet than playing Angry Birds, you may want to consider Microsoft's Surface tablet.

After much speculation, Microsoft finally unveiled its foray into the tablet world. And for attorneys looking for a laptop or PC alternative, the Surface tablet may be the answer for you.

The Microsoft Surface tablet can run the newest Windows 8 Pro operating system, reports The Verge. Consumers will have the option of purchasing the Surface powered by an Intel 22nm Ivy Bridge chip running Windows 8, or one powered by an ARM chipset and Windows RT. The price points for both models are still not known.

The Windows 8 Pro model is the one that should be appealing for attorneys. It will weigh less than two pounds, but will pack a punch with USB 3.0 support and up to 128 GB of storage, reports Verge. This version will also include additional digital ink support that lets you write on the tablet with a special pen and has a 10.6-inch display (compared to the iPad's 9.6-inch display).

But what may be most appealing about the Surface is the potential compatibility with Microsoft Office. 

This means no more clunky migrations from Apple's word processor to Microsoft Word. Do your work directly on your tablet and save the conversions and tech headaches for techies.

A potential negative of the Microsoft Surface tablet is that there won't be the wealth of apps available as there is with Apple. But if you're using the Surface for your work as an attorney, does the lack of apps really matter?

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