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Think Geek? Our New Legal Technology Google+ Community is For You

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By William Peacock, Esq. on July 02, 2013 11:01 AM

Lawyers and tech geeks. The two don’t always meet. There are still, after all, technophobic partners that dictate correspondence, but when they do, it’s a beautiful thing. For our nation’s burgeoning technology industry (one of only a few industries we have left), techie-lawyers speak their language, as well as the language of intellectual property law. For the rest of our nation’s citizens, we’re the sort of hyper-efficient types that use tech to make our services cheaper, quicker, and more reliable.

We’re a growing niche, and we need a place to share techie-lawyer thoughts. From intellectual property law news, to landmark tech cases and lawsuits, and even hardware and software reviews, our new Legal Technology group on Google+ is a great place to catch up on the latest trends or share your own thoughts or stories.

And though we obviously love to hear ourselves talk, and we do share FindLaw's tech-related blog content, we also post great content from other sources and invite our group members to share content that they find interesting as well.

Is there a new startup that is going to change the way we practice law? Tell us about it.

Is there a product or service that you've found especially helpful to your practice? We'd like to hear about that too.

How about a fascinating legal dispute, such as the Apple e-book price fixing case? Share it, along with your thoughts, in our community.

So, if patent trolls make your blood boil, or if you've ever pondered whether a phablet convergence device might be a superior option to the tablet and phone combo for the tech-inclined lawyer, or if you've considered moving all of your software and client files to the cloud, but have questions about the various platforms and security issues, drop on by, read or post an article, or ask a question.

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