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New Amazon Echo Products: Time to Update Your Office Gadgets?

In "Castaway," Tom Hanks pointed at a clock and called it a "pulsating, accursed, relentless taskmaster."

And we know what happened after that -- five years on a deserted island. Losing time was the real curse.

Lawyers know that curse all too well -- the billable hour hanging over their heads. Well, Amazon thinks it's new smart devices can help with that.

Disabled Lawyers Compete With Tech and Time

It wasn't a joke when the law firm sent a yellow school bus to pick up a summer associate for a firm function.

It was just insensitive. Stuart Pixley had cerebral palsy and used an electrical wheelchair to get around.

The office party was two miles away and the firm couldn't figure out how to get him there. That was in the mid-1990s; in some ways, things haven't changed much.

Gadgets You Missed on Labor Day, but You Can Still Try to Buy

If you missed the Labor Day sales, it's not the end of the world. It's just the end of summer.

The good news is that this is the season of sales. Retailers are already pricing their goods for holiday discounts.

With tech gadgets, time is especially on the lawyer's side. That's because new tech drives prices down, even as old hourly rates go up.

For lawyer-techies, trying to think up an excuse to buy a 3D printer for the law office isn't easy. After all, nearly anything you'd do with it for a case can be done, and would likely still require, using third party services. Even if you get expertly skilled with it, judges aren't likely to just let a 3D printed object into evidence without an expert (unless you can get your adversary to stipulate, maybe).

So, clearly, the answer of whether it's needed is a resounding no. However, that doesn't mean a 3D printer can't (eventually) be a pragmatic purchase if it's something that you want. Depending on your practice area(s), a 3D printer of your own could be rather useful, help get you some good verdicts, and might even save you money in the long run if using 3D printed objects in your practice becomes a regular thing. Below, you can find examples of items your law office might want to 3D print.

AI Assistants: The Most Powerful Marketing Tech Ever

If Alexa is not your office assistant, that's okay.

Chances are you have a different digital assistant working for you. If you've met one smart device, you've met them all.

In any case, Alexa, Google, and Siri are not who you thought they were. They are AI middlemen -- in a generic, non-gender specific, marketing sort-of way. And your AI assistants are far more powerful than you can imagine.

The annual shopping event, Amazon Prime Day, may not be open to non-Prime members, but membership comes cheap and with some pretty great benefits.

For the overly busy, the free two-day delivery on all orders alone makes membership worthwhile. And when Prime Day rolls around, you can easily net savings on items for the office that could cover the cost of your annual membership. Below, you can see some of best deals for office, but act fast as Prime Day ends in under 36 hours, on Tuesday, July 17 at 11:59pm.

Protip: The website allows you to do historical price checks on products so that you can confirm whether or not that Prime Day deal is really worth it.

When office tech starts to show signs of aging, slowing, or becoming obsolete, law offices are often reluctant to upgrade. After all, office tech is not a cost that can be passed through to clients, and it can be rather difficult to convince yourself that spending money on tech is a good idea when the old tech is still (technically) working.

But then, sometimes, you just need an excuse. And well, if that's the case, below are five of the top excuses to upgrade.

Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner on Monday July 16 this year. And while your office may not celebrate this summer holiday, you may be wondering whether there are any good deals for your office (at least if you're a Prime member, or have been thinking about signing up).

Based on the limited information that has been released, there doesn't seem to be much in terms of big discounts on highly sought after new tech. But that's likely to change once the event starts. Below, you can read about a few items that you might be able to score a good discount on for your office. But before you read on, remember, caveat emptor! Just because it's on Prime Day, that doesn't mean you shouldn't run a Google search to see if that deal is as amazing as Amazon says it is.

With how many different ways there are to hack into a system and the fact that the insurance industry has entered the cybersecurity insurance game, it may actually matter how you get hacked, and how the hackers cause you harm ... at least if you have cyber insurance.

Simply put, like any other insurance policy, cyber insurance policies do contain exclusions. Unfortunately, for unsophisticated but insured users of hackable technology, failing to use security protocols required by an insurer could lead to a denial of coverage. For employers, ensuring your workers are actually using the security measures can be a real challenge.

Now that spring is officially here, families are going away for spring break, and gearing up for summer vacations. And while you may only be fortunate enough to get a working vacation, if you have the right tech accessories, you won't have to stay behind at the hotel while the rest of the family hits the beach.

When it comes to the basics of working from the beach, you will definitely want shelter from the sun, a sand-proof towel, a comfy beach chair, and, of course, your smartphone and laptop. In addition to these basic items, the following tech accessories will surely make working from the beach a breeze.