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Did you know that there is now a National App Day? No, it's not a real holiday, or even one of those "bank holidays." Yes, it's a marketing gimmick created by some company that wants to market their own apps, and, you know that website that tells you what "National fill-in-the-blank Day" it is. Notably, it's only on year number two.

And in order to properly honor these companies' bold proclamation of December 11 as National App Day, below you can find five types of apps, with no specific app suggestions, that lawyers should probably all be using.

Is Your Firm Ready for Chatbots?

Tom Martin, a lawyer and chatbot creator, is practically a chatbot himself.

He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, but manages a probate practice virtually in California. How does he do it?

Chatbots, which mimic human conversations to interact with people, help. Is your firm ready for one?

How to Save Yourself and Your Law Practice From Robots

Everybody thought robots would take over like the Terminator with that awful promise: "I'll be back."

The science-fiction writers haven't helped, except for occasionally introducing a friendly auto-bot. But for the most part, the bots are threatening everything from our planet to our jobs.

So maybe we're exaggerating a little. But seriously, lawyers, you need to do something to protect yourself from the AI revolution.

Harvard Opens Massive Caselaw Library Online

After five years of scanning court decisions, Harvard Law School has opened an online library of nearly 6.5 million cases to the public for free.

The Caselaw Access Project put the entire body of U.S. caselaw on the internet. The project digitized more than 40 million pages of court decisions.

Built on more than 360 years of caselaw, the digital library goes back to the 17th Century. It is accessible in common readable formats, and is now the largest law library of its kind.

Tech Trends and How to Budget for Them

When it comes to luxury shopping, if you have to ask, you can't afford it.

But when it comes to technology shopping for your law firm, you can't afford not to ask. Technology is changing everything in the practice of law.

The key to buying technology is knowing what to ask. Like, do you need it or do you just want it?

You Can Train AI to Spot Legal Issues -- for Fun

It's not exactly a game to train AI to spot legal issues.

Learned Hands is a game, and it does learn from users how to spot legal issues. The fun comes from winning points by giving correct answers in different factual scenarios.

But it's kind of like getting an honorary degree. The pay-off for players is bragging rights -- and maybe an inspirational message.

Disabled Lawyers Compete With Tech and Time

It wasn't a joke when the law firm sent a yellow school bus to pick up a summer associate for a firm function.

It was just insensitive. Stuart Pixley had cerebral palsy and used an electrical wheelchair to get around.

The office party was two miles away and the firm couldn't figure out how to get him there. That was in the mid-1990s; in some ways, things haven't changed much.

Legal Tech Firm Gets $65M Boost for AI

We knew it was coming -- computers are replacing lawyers.

With $65 million in new money, legal tech startup Atrium is developing smart machines to take over more legal tasks. The year-old company already has applications for smart contracts, but machine learning is changing everything.

We just didn't expect it to happen so soon. If we're honest about it, however, we knew clients would have replaced us a long time ago if they had the technology.

For attorneys, getting on a video chat with a potential client, or an expert witness, is a great way to avoid actually having an in-person meeting. And with the prevalence of smartphones, and integrated microphones and webcams in computers, video calls are easier than ever before.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that not everyone's cellular phone service will be compatible for video calling (notably thanks to the Android/Apple divide), or will allow video or even regular calls across platforms, services like Skype can really stand in as a perfect alternative. However, attorneys have often questioned whether Skype was a viable and secure option, but that may no longer be an issue with the latest updates.

Ex NSA Hacker Finds Security Flaw in macOS

Dr. Alexander Fleming famously discovered penicillin by accident.

He found the mold growing in his lab, leading to one of the greatest advances in human history -- a cure for deadly infectious diseases. That's like Patrick Wardle's story -- without the mold.

The software security expert accidentally copied the wrong code and discovered a bypass to "do a lot of malicious stuff" to Apple products. Here's how it happened.