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Why Small Firm, Solo, and Freelance Lawyers Need Blockchain

Blockchain and BigLaw seem to be made for each other.

Blockchain technology allows lawyers to generate legal documents and smart contracts that can be executed and authenticated electronically. BigLaw has the financial resources to make the technology a standard in the legal profession.

So what about small firms and solo attorneys, who have limited resources? And freelance attorneys, who have even less?

Cryptocurrency Founder Dies With Password to the Bank

A cryptocurrency founder suddenly died, and didn't leave the password to $137 million in assets.

Now people are racing to figure out the password, especially since another $53 million is tied up in legal disputes. If there were any more twists, it would be a movie.

Wait, didn't we see this movie? And why did that guy try to open "The Shining" elevator?!

Is Tech Ruining Criminal Justice?

In the criminal justice system, a technical difficulty can have life-or-death consequences.

A botched execution. A false arrest. It happens more than you might think. And the more the system relies on technology, the more likely the error.

As one future cop said, people are going to jail who have broken no law. So is tech ruining criminal justice, or it is just a glitch in the system?

Can You Get More Clients Using Instagram?

Instagram, the photo-sharing app, is a portal to 800 million users.

That's a lot of potential clients, but how do you turn your photos into business opportunities? It might work for photographers, filmmakers, or other visual artists, but who wants to look at pictures of lawyers or their office furniture?

One superlawyer figured it out. He says its about connecting with clients in a non-legal way.

Redaction is important. And if you don't know how to properly redact a document, you could end up telling the entire world what you never intended to tell anyone.

With all the software out there that promises to help you redact, when it comes right down to it, if you use it wrong, your redaction could be about as useful as toilet paper to a scuba diver in a hot tub. Read on below to find out if you're doing it right, and if not, how to properly redact.

Law Students Learning Evidence In VR

In the future, law students will walk into a virtual reality crime scene.

Instead of reading about evidence in a book, they will see it: blood, hand prints, and a dead body. They will be able to walk around the virtual world like kids playing a video game.

Actually, they already did that. Not the video game, the virtual crime scene.

Top 8 Legal Tech Tips of 2018

Over the last year, we've shared quite a few tech tips to help lawyers navigate all the new and updated tech that's making a big impact in the legal industry.

As the end of 2018 approaches, now might be a good time to take a look back over some of the best tech tips. And since we try to be as helpful as possible here at FindLaw, we've collected eight of the top legal tech tips from 2018 below.

Black Friday's Over, Is There Any Tech Worth Buying?

Black Friday is over. The Christmas sales will soon be over. Is there a snowball's chance of getting a good deal on some tech?

Well, of course! It's not spring yet, and snowballs will be around for a while -- someplace. The trick is knowing where to go.

That's where FindLaw is like finding gold. We don't make money on steering people to a buy tech toy. We just tell them where to find it.

Did you know that there is now a National App Day? No, it's not a real holiday, or even one of those "bank holidays." Yes, it's a marketing gimmick created by some company that wants to market their own apps, and, you know that website that tells you what "National fill-in-the-blank Day" it is. Notably, it's only on year number two.

And in order to properly honor these companies' bold proclamation of December 11 as National App Day, below you can find five types of apps, with no specific app suggestions, that lawyers should probably all be using.

Is Your Firm Ready for Chatbots?

Tom Martin, a lawyer and chatbot creator, is practically a chatbot himself.

He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, but manages a probate practice virtually in California. How does he do it?

Chatbots, which mimic human conversations to interact with people, help. Is your firm ready for one?