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Are you ready for the future of contracts? Automatically executing smart contracts are no longer a thing of science fiction fantasy, they're here.

But the big question is whether smart contracts will be like the smartphone, which rendered non-smart phones nearly pointless, or the smart home, which just seems to be unable to really take off. For smart contracts to succeed at the same level of the smartphone, they will need to usable by techies, lawyers, businesses, and, most importantly, everyday consumers.

DA to Use New Algorithm to Expunge Pot Convictions

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon sees a different world when it comes to marijuana laws.

Soon after marijuana became legal for recreational use in California, Gascon announced that his office would apply Prop. 64 retroactively. That meant recalling thousands of marijuana convictions for potential resentencing.

Now the district attorney is looking forward, saying his office will use new technology to expunge pot convictions. He says it will help all Californians in the end.

Why Should Lawyers Care About Schrodinger's Cat?

Schrodinger's Cat is probably the most famous thought experiment in the history of, well, thought experiments.

It poses that -- after being placed in a sealed box with a flask of poison and a radioactive source -- the cat will be alive and dead at the same time. Theoretical physicists love this stuff, but Futurama makes it much more fun.

It basically sets up the moment when reality collapses into one possibility or another. So why should non-theoretical physicist lawyers care?

Is It Time for a Legal Tech Intervention?

Are you slowing down, missing a step, or getting that eerie feeling that you're at a high risk of crashing?

These are signs that you might need an intervention. Or at least need somebody to help you regain control to get you back up and running.

We're talking about a legal tech intervention here. Sometimes it's hard to admit your law firm needs one, but these signs can help.

A new update to Outlook will soon allow users to both send and pay bills directly in their email. For lawyers and law firms, this could prove rather helpful as spending less time paying bills, and making it easier for clients to pay your bills, is always welcome.

Unfortunately, unless you use Stripe or Braintree, and have been invited to early access, you won't be able to use the service just yet. However, if you use Zuora, FreshBooks, Intuit, Invoice2Go, Sage, Wave, Xero, or Fiserv, the new Outlook payments service may be able to help you when support for these services are rolled out on the platform in the coming months.

While legal bloggers often opine on the potential doom and gloom that artificial intelligence and robots will bring to the legal profession, there may be more than one way to handle the incoming robot lawyer apocalypse.

In a recent special business report in the Miami Herald, it's posited that AI and robot lawyers won't supplant human lawyers, but will likely just change the landscape of what a human lawyer does. This idea seems to already be borne out by the technology that has already been implemented, as a majority of legal tech is aimed at improving an attorney's efficiency, despite the fact that we lawyers begrudgingly accept these cost cutting, time saving, revenue reducing advances.

The makers of a recently released legal AI, aptly named HelpSelf, has stepped up to the plate of providing better access to justice, and it plans to keep on climbing. Currently the company's focus is on helping users, both individual and attorneys, fill out and file legal forms.

For individual users, the company currently offers help with preparing forms for domestic violence restraining orders, debt collection defense, and clearing California marijuana convictions under prop 64. For attorneys, the AI provides tools to construct forms and automate certain processes, such as inputting data from forms into pleadings or other documents.

For many law firms out there, upgrading software is about as important as ergonomic assessments for summer interns.

Sure, your old copy of Microsoft Office has served you well in the past, and it could probably continue to work for longer than you. But with all that Microsoft Office 365 has to offer, you might want to actually consider upgrading. If you're blissfully unaware of some of the perks of Office 365, you may not want to know what you're missing. But if you're on an exchange server, your IT professional might just thank you.

Bitcoin Users Seek Lawsuit Against and CEO

In the cryptocurrency frenzy, lawsuits are becoming business as usual.

The latest controversy stems from the difference between "Bitcoin Cash" and "Bitcoin." More than 1,000 people are pursing legal action against for allegedly misleading people to buy Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin.

The bottom line is that people have problems with cryptocurrency. It's not unusual in the volatile market, given how a company can get sued just for saying "bitcoin."

If you use Gmail and you've been looking for a new way to help you manage your projects, cases, and deadlines, Google's new standalone Tasks app may be your answer.

The new app integrates flawlessly into Gmail, similarly to the recently leaked update that brings Google Calendar into the Gmail web-client. Simply clicking a little box on the sidebar of your Gmail will bring up your Tasks lists, and you can edit and even add tasks without leaving your email browser window.