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Wagner v. Live Nation Motor Sports, Inc., 07-3365

In a tort action arising out of a motorcycle crash, denial of defendant's post-trial motion for judgment as a matter of law is reversed where: 1) a plaintiff may not establish wanton conduct by satisfying the notice or knowledge element of the tort as to one risk -- e.g., a broad generalized risk -- and the second element of indifference of that risk to a differently defined risk -- e.g., the specific risk that caused the accident at issue; and 2) even if plaintiff had put on evidence that defendant knew that a certain part of the motorcycle race at issue was dangerous, plaintiff did not show that defendant was "completely indifferent" to that danger.

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Appellate Information

Filed November 13, 2009


For Appellant:

Paul M. Croker and Richard M. Enochs, Overland Park, KS

For Appellee:

David R. Cooper, Larry G. Pepperdine and Steve R. Fabert, Fisher, Patterson, Sayler & Smith, L.L.P., Topeka, KS