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Cocaine Possession Conviction Affirmed, and Other Criminal Matter

In US v. Corrales, No. 09-3259, the Tenth Circuit affirmed defendant's convictions for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and conspiracy to possess cocaine with intent to distribute, holding that 1) defendant did not challenge the sufficiency of the evidence to support a jury finding that he had actual knowledge of the presence of cocaine; 2) defendant did not argue that the district court erred on the two occasions on which it sustained objections to defendant's cross-examination of a witness and 3) defendant failed to show that this cross-examination was otherwise limited.

In US v. Silva, No. 09-2035, the Tenth Circuit affirmed defendant's sentence for possession of a firearm and ammunition after conviction of a felony, holding that the district court correctly determined that defendant's prior New Mexico convictions for burglary and aggravated assault qualified as violent felonies under the Armed Career Criminal Act.

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