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US v. Tann, No. 08-2378

Defendant's conviction on two counts of illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition under 18 U.S.C. section 922(g)(1) is affirmed in part and remanded in part where: 1) district court committed plain error in convicting and sentencing defendant on both counts charged under section 922(g)(1), as defendant's possession of both a firearm and ammunition, seized at the same time in the same location, supports only one conviction and sentence under the section; and 2) defendant has met his burden to show that his substantial rights were affected by his unauthorized conviction and sentence on both counts charged under section 922(g).       

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Appellate Information

On Appeal from the United States District Court for the District of Delaware (Crimina  No. 07-55-JJF)
District Judge: Honorable Joseph J. Farnan, Jr.
Argued March 10, 2009
Opinion Filed August 24, 2009

Before:  Fuentes, Chagares, and Aldisert, Circuit Judges
Opinion by Circuit Judge Chagares 


Counsel for Appellant: Edson A. Bostic, Daniel I. Siegel

Counsel for Appellees: Colm F. Connolly, Shawn A. Weede