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Lazaridis v. Wehmer, No. 09-1342

In plaintiff's action raising various constitutional and statutory claims relating to child custody proceedings and the registration of foreign custody orders against his ex-wife and others, dismissal of plaintiff's complaint and denial of his motion for reconsideration is affirmed where: 1) the Younger abstention doctrine requires dismissal of plaintiff's challenge to the registration of the 2004 French custody orders in its entirety; 2) plaintiff's claim, which he sought to reopen in the name of his daughter, that the registration of the French orders violated his daughter's rights because the Delaware courts did not apply Greek law, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, or the "best interest of the child" standard, is dismissed as plaintiff may not represent his child in federal court as a non-lawyer parent; 3) district court properly dismissed plaintiff's claim that his ex-wife and her attorneys conspired to violate his civil rights as they are without merit; and 4) the district court properly denied plaintiff's motion for reconsideration.  

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Appellate Information

On Appeal from the United States District Court for the District of Delaware

Opinion Filed January 7, 2010


Before: Rendell,  Hardiman and Aldisert, Circuit Judges

Per Curium Opinion


For Appellant:  Emmanuel Lazaridis, pro se.

For Appellee:   N/A